Tropical Thunder!
Tropical Thunder!
Tropical Thunder!
Tropical Thunder!
R 399.00
  • Heightened Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Enhanced Mental Energy & Focus.
  • Eye Health Support
  • Brain Boosting Accuracy & Decision Making

Customer Reviews

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Gets the job done!

32gi is an absolute must if your serious about breaking your personal records with ease in video games, not only does it lock you in but helps keep your hand eye coordination and decision making in perfect tune making you an absolute demon in the battlefield.

Joshua Buchel
This product can be life changing

I suffer from severe ADHD, and I have been on meds for majority of my life (Currently 21 Y/O) I started having a spike in my ADHD and struggled to stay focus at work always got distracted and shifted my priorities. I started drinking 32gi for gaming, and recently started using it for work, and it has helped me sooo much, keeping me focused, keeping my energy levels up, it has helped me and my ADHD a lot. I dont feel distracted, I dont feel lazy or unfocused.

I no longer yawn 24/7 when im at work lol.
Thank you.

Jeanre Bosch
Tasty and does the business

Tried on 3 different "platforms" and it works very good

Flavoured caffeine

taurine is underdosed(effecacious doses range from 500mg -2g),
no choline,no acetylcholinesterase inhibition, no tyrosine or theanine for the focus complex
The only thing that a product like this could ride off of is flavour and caffeine

Shafie Kajee

Tropical Thunder!